London is full of fantastic sights, sites and places of interest.  How about...


Tell me what YOU want to see, and I’ll find just the place for you.

I am a fully qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide - awarded by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, the Blue Badge is the highest guiding qualification in Britain.
As your personal tourist guide, I’ll show you the celebrated sights –
St. Paul’s Cathedral;
the Tower of London;
Buckingham Palace;
Westminster Abbey.
And add all the details that most visitors don’t see, as well as the stories they don’t hear…


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    St. Paul’s Cathedral
    A symbol of London, a magnificent cathedral designed and built in the lifetime of its architect, Sir Christopher Wren. Welcoming worshippers, pilgrims and sightseers from all over the world as it has for 300 years. Let me highlight its religious, architectural and historic significance and tell you the stories behind the cathedral and its monuments.
    Westminster Abbey
    Older than St Paul’s and still a vibrant place of worship, it was conceived as a place of pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Edward the Confessor - today it is also a place of pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. Site of the coronation of all English monarchs, let me accompany you to the resting place of some of them, show you the burial places of great Englishmen, and possibly the most glorious ceiling in the country. And I’ll take you in through a quiet entrance in the cloisters, to beat the queues!
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In its 900 year history it has been a Royal Palace, a fortress, a prison, a place of execution, mint, arsenal, menagerie and jewel house. Today it is home to the crown jewels, the famous beefeaters who still guard the tower as well as other residents with a taste for raw meat and biscuits soaked in blood. A UNESCO world heritage site, I can ensure you see the highlights if your time is short, or take a whole day and you’ll see all its secrets.

Or a little further out
Hampton Court Palace
The celebrated Palace on the banks of the Thames, a short train ride from central London where history seeps from every stone and brick. It is two palaces in one, Henry VIII’s brick built Tudor Palace, complete with still functioning kitchen, and a baroque masterpiece built for William and Mary. Add to this some fabulous gardens, the most famous maze in Britain and a 200 year old grape vine, and you have the perfect daytrip.

Also a World heritage site, Greenwich is home to Sir Christopher Wren’s magnificent Royal Naval Hospital, the Cutty Sark and the national maritime museum, as well as Greenwich Park, where you’ll find the Prime Meridian and the Greenwich Observatory, along with glorious views across the River Thames. In 2012 the Olympic and Paralympic equestrian events are being held in the Park against this outstanding backdrop.

As a Blue Badge guide I am qualified to guide in all of these sites.

These are just some of the major sights.
Tell me what YOU want to see, and I’ll find just the place for you.